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To coral and ivory and pearls

“There is no competing with the sea in a man’s affections, since she is both mother and mistress, and she will wash his corpse also, in time to come, wash it to coral and ivory and pearls.”

– Neil Gaiman (from the book Stardust)

I am fascinated by the sea and by sailing, even though I would probably find it largely monotonous. So where did all this romance about the sea come from? It’s beautiful out there on the ocean, and boats are beautiful, but that can’t be it. It is because it’s so dangerous and lonely? Because, once upon a time, it was all about exploring the unknown? 

What did Jack Sparrow say? ‘A ship is freedom,’ I think. The sea means freedom and adventure, and that’s why I love it, too.

(By the way, I enjoyed the movie ‘Stardust’ quite a bit, but the book significantly less so.)