Wherever you go

Circle me,
And the needle moves gracefully,
Back and forth,
If my heart was a compass,
You’d be north;
Risk it all
‘Cause I’ll catch you if you fall;
Wherever you go,
If my heart was a house,
You’d be home.

– Owl City

This is the chorus from the song “If My Heart Was a House.” There’s no official video for this song that I can find, but here’s a decent fan video from YouTube.

When I was falling in love with my husband, a strange thing I noticed was that (when he was nearby) I always seemed to know exactly where he was. Even at parties or big family events, I always just knew, like I could feel him out there somewhere. (It was probably my sub-conscious paying attention when he walked by, or something unromantic like that, but so what?) I love the compass metaphor in this song because it captures that feeling perfectly.

I also love the idea that my heart can be someone else’s home. Owl City uses such interesting language. Also, they love puns: “Then we’ll take a long walk through the corn field, and I’ll kiss you between the ears.” (from the song “The Bird and the Worm”)


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