If I know the road home

If I know the road home and go along it drunk, staggering from side to side, does that makes the road along which I go a wrong one?

– Leo Tolstoy

Unfortunately, I don’t remember where I got this quote, so I don’t know what the context is. And since all I’ve read of Tolsty’s is the first few chapters of Anna Karenina, I also know very little about his philosophy.

I like this quote, nonetheless, because I think it’s saying, “An idea or philosophy shouldn’t be judged by our ability to follow it.” Things are either true or false, no matter how we respond to them. And we should follow the truth even if we find it difficult and aren’t very good at sticking with it.

So, am I right? Is that what Tolstoy is really saying?

One response

  1. I don’t know any more Tolstoy than you do, but I like that interpretation of it.

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