Garden Update – Early July 2011

Note to self: Having a garden full of lettuce doesn’t make you any more excited to eat salads.


But hey, I’ve got my first baby tomato of the season.

This year, the plan was to grow fewer types of vegetables, but then take better care of them. The peas were a bust, as none of them made it past the seedling stage, but everything else is going pretty well.

Vegetable Garden July 8, 2011

In the back you’ll see three bean plans (out of 2 dozen seeds I planted). In front of them are 6 different types of tomatoes. In the very front, there’s Swiss Chard on the left and some kind of lettuce on the right.I can’t wait to eat my first tomatoes of the season. They’re the best thing about gardening.

2 responses

  1. I too am impatiently waiting tomatoes.

    I love that you have a camera now and can actually take pictures of your garden!

    It was a bad year for peas. We got peas, but only about 2 weeks’ worth because it was cold and then all of a sudden REALLYHOT and peas don’t like hot they like medium.

    I am jealous of your swiss chard–i should have done that. Also, nice lettuce. I agree though–having nice lettuce out there doesn’t make me any more likely to eat salads! :P

  2. I’m also very glad to have a camera again. Thanks for letting me know about the peas. since it wasn’t something that I did wrong, I’ll probably try again next year. I love sugar snap peas.

    I’m not sure what to do with all the chard, frankly. I like it sauteed sometimes, but I have a ton of it. Maybe I’ll freeze it for soups later…

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