One day at a time

“The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time.”

– Abraham Lincoln

A lot has happened since the end of July, good and bad. I’m glad I took the time off blogging and had energy for more important things. But as the days get colder, I’m starting to miss this creative outlet and the chance to write a little each day.

Here’s a question for you. I have some quotes that are all-time favorites, and I’m often tempted to re-post them just so I have a chance to read them and write about them again. Is that lazy?

3 responses

  1. Glad you’re back, I’ve missed you.

    Summer is just such an all-over-the-place time with picnics and trips and get-togethers and (attempts at) gardening…plus the added stress of life happenings in general…sometimes time-off is necessary. We’ve talked about this before and I think for people like you and me, us multi-interested/multi-talented types with big crazy lives going on, it’s important to realize/accept that sometimes you gotta put something down for awhile because life or other interests need attention, and I don’t think that makes us slackers and it doesn’t make us flaky either. No shame in taking a break from something if the time is required for something else, and no shame in picking it back up again.

    As for content, I wouldn’t mind seeing some old favorites again; especially if the happenings of the intervening months have shed new light on them. Another thing I wouldn’t mind seeing is a compilation post or series of compilation posts with your favorite quotes on a given topic and you don’t have to write comments about them if you don’t want. I know that might feel lazy, but the reason I’d enjoy that sort of thing is that, while I can type ‘love quotes’ into Google and come out with thousands or millions of results, they are worthless to me because they’re always the same tired thing. But you are a well-read, witty, wise woman with a carefully curated collection and I always love what you choose.

  2. I forget, so seeing old quotes again is beneficial. And, I may not have seen them the first time you posted them. Only God knows if you’re lazy (or perhaps your husband); anyone else’s evaluation is speculative, or worthless. Go for it.

  3. Thanks, ladies. :) You absolutely made my day.

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