People Have Always Been Like This

“Out ignorance of history make us libel our own times. People have always been like this.”
– Gustave Flaubert

“In times like these, it helps to recall that there have always been times like these.”
– Paul Harvey

{If really got into historical fiction for a while when in junior high and high school. They tended to be the romance-heavy type, and I got sick of them after a while, but they did teach me one thing: the world has always been a mess. From what I’ve read, there have always been people around bemoaning that the world used to be better, but I don’t buy it.

It sounds strange to say, but I find this somewhat comforting. We aren’t going to hell in a handbasket. We’re just in a broken, sinful world. And we know how things are going to end.}


One response

  1. Like how I used to try to believe that back when the United States was founded people actually consulted about the merits of their ideas instead of throwing mud, and then I read John Adams.We think we're so terribly clever and advanced, but we make all the same core mistakes. Outgrown the need for God? I don't think so.

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